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Genuine BMW Air Cooler Sealing Gasket E90 E91 E92 E93 Z4 E82


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Genuine BMW Air Cooler Sealing Gasket E90 E91 E92 E93 Z4 E82


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Genuine BMW Air Cooler Sealing Gasket E90 E91 E92 E93 Z4 E82

17 11 7 793 752

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Stock Number 786074

Air Cooler Seal gasket

Part # 17 11 7 793 752

  335i (2007-08) Coupe with N54 Engine (E92)
  335i (2007-08) Sedan with N54 Engine (E90)
  335i (2008) Convertible with N54 Engine (E93)
   128i (E82)
   Z4 (E87)

European Models

E81 120d 3 doors, Europe
E81 116d 3 doors, Europe
E81 118d 3 doors, Europe
E81 123d 3 doors, Europe

E82 120d Coupe, Europe
E82 118d Coupe, Europe
E82 123d Coupe, Europe
E82 135i Coupe, Europe
E82 M Coupé Coupe, Europe

E84 X1 16d SUV, Europe
E84 X1 18d SUV, Europe
E84 X1 18dX SUV, Europe
E84 X1 20d SUV, Europe
E84 X1 20d ed SUV, Europe
E84 X1 20dX SUV, Europe
E84 X1 23dX SUV, Europe
E84 X1 25dX SUV, Europe
E84 X1 16i SUV, Europe
E84 X1 20i SUV, Europe
E84 X1 20iX SUV, Europe
E84 X1 28iX SUV, Europe

E87 118d 5 doors, Europe
E87 120d 5 doors, Europe

E87N 120d 5 doors, Europe
E87N 116d 5 doors, Europe
E87N 118d 5 doors, Europe
E87N 123d 5 doors, Europe

E88 118d Convertible, Europe
E88 120d Convertible, Europe
E88 123d Convertible, Europe
E88 135i Convertible, Europe

E89 Z4 18i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 20i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 28i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 35i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 35is Roadster, Europe

E90 318d Sedan, Europe
E90 320d Sedan, Europe
E90 325d Sedan, Europe
E90 330d Sedan, Europe
E90 330xd Sedan, Europe
E90 335d Sedan, Europe
E90 335i Sedan, Europe
E90 335xi Sedan, Europe

E90N 316d Sedan, Europe
E90N 318d Sedan, Europe
E90N 320d Sedan, Europe
E90N 320d ed Sedan, Europe
E90N 320xd Sedan, Europe
E90N 325d Sedan, Europe
E90N 330d Sedan, Europe
E90N 330xd Sedan, Europe
E90N 335d Sedan, Europe
E90N 335i Sedan, Europe
E90N 335xi Sedan, Europe

E91 318d Touring, Europe
E91 320d Touring, Europe
E91 325d Touring, Europe
E91 330d Touring, Europe
E91 330xd Touring, Europe
E91 335d Touring, Europe
E91 335i Touring, Europe
E91 335xi Touring, Europe

E91N 316d Touring, Europe
E91N 318d Touring, Europe
E91N 320d Touring, Europe
E91N 320d ed Touring, Europe
E91N 320xd Touring, Europe
E91N 325d Touring, Europe
E91N 330d Touring, Europe
E91N 330xd Touring, Europe
E91N 335d Touring, Europe
E91N 335i Touring, Europe
E91N 335xi Touring, Europe

E92 320d Coupe, Europe
E92 320xd Coupe, Europe
E92 325d Coupe, Europe
E92 330d Coupe, Europe
E92 330xd Coupe, Europe
E92 335d Coupe, Europe
E92 335i Coupe, Europe
E92 335xi Coupe, Europe

E92N 320d Coupe, Europe
E92N 320xd Coupe, Europe
E92N 325d Coupe, Europe
E92N 330d Coupe, Europe
E92N 330xd Coupe, Europe
E92N 335d Coupe, Europe
E92N 335i Coupe, Europe
E92N 335xi Coupe, Europe

E93 320d Convertible, Europe
E93 325d Convertible, Europe
E93 330d Convertible, Europe
E93 335i Convertible, Europe

E93N 320d Convertible, Europe
E93N 325d Convertible, Europe
E93N 330d Convertible, Europe
E93N 335i Convertible, Europe

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